Year in WordPress sketch

I took the data from the ‘A Year in WP’ site and used it to set rules for this sketch.

  • I got the total contribution stats for this year from Aaron Jorbin’s post: 2967. I wanted a repeat maximum number and figured this was a good one to use. Ideally I’d have one with comments to make it balance.
  • I got my own number (383 (including comments)) Note: I should get comments to truly make this representative but being liberal here.
  • I also added in my 3 wordcamps as a second data point, spacing out by the amount of days in year.
  • I used the Pantone colors of the year from 2016 to represent this.

Age data representing

This is a simple data representation by combining my husband, mine and our dog’s ages for the grid size. It then divides by 3 and that is set for the rectangle size.